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SmartSlat is a unique two part steel slatting & louver system. (Patent & Design Registered) and was developed to fill the need for a concealed fixed slat in the fencing and screening market.

SmartSlat Europe is part of GramLine an Australian company with over 35 years in the fencing and screening market. GramLine has a pedigree of developing quality products made from pre-painted steel and bringing them to market. The products GramLine have been 1st to develop and bring to market include:

·         GramLine SmartPost

·         GramLine SmartStile Kit Gate

·         GramLine Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile

·         GramLine Slimline Posts & Rails

·         GramLine 3 Dimensional Lattice

·         GramLine Plinth


With SmartSlat we have a product which has international appeal with its clean lines and easy installation, this fencing and screening solution can be used in both commercial and domestic applications to provide lasting good looks. 


SmartSlat Europe are looking to work with selected partners to develop the European Market for the range of SmartSlat products and by working closely with our partners we are looking to manufacture, market and install this innovative product throughout Europe.

Features & Benefits

  1. Concealed Fasteners - the back section of the SmartSlat slat is tek screwed or riveted direct to your post, then the front cover is clipped over the base, thus concealing the fasteners.
  2. Ease of Installation - SmartSlat slats are supplied as a "flat pack" for easy transport & cartage, allowing for onsite assembly.
  3. Three Sizes Available - 80mm, 55mm and 40mm slats are available which provides ease of design for different applications.
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